Big Bank Switch

All of our big banks are funding climate change by financing fossil fuel investments. As consumers we can influence the banks’ investment decisions by moving our money to banks that don’t fund fossil fuels.

Climate Action Ilkley has created the Big Ilkley Bank Switch campaign in conjunction with the Switch It. We want everyone in Ilkley to switch to a more responsible, ethical, fossil free bank. This will show the banks that when their investment decisions ignore the impact of climate change they will lose customers and their funds.

We also want people to write to Ilkley Town Council and Bradford MDC to ask them to consider moving their banking to more ethical fossil free banks.

There are no fossil free banks with branches in Ilkley – but with online banking and paying cheques in by post this is no longer such a big deal. If you are particularly concerned about being able to access a bank branch then you might like to consider switching to Nationwide or Co-operative Bank.

You can learn much more about the campaign and which banks are most aligned with Climate Action Ilkley’s values by going to the campaign website: Big Ilkley Bank Switch.

Triodos Bank is the most highly rated ethical, fossil free bank currently operating in the UK. Starling Bank is recommended by Which?

If you are interested in the connection between the banks and oil companies have a look at these websites:

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