Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump takes the heat from the air outside your home to provide heat for your hot water and central heating system.  It uses electricity to do this and the energy delivered into your home is typically 3 times the energy needed from the electricity used to power it.  That means they are very efficient, very low carbon, especially as grid electricity is generated increasingly from renewables, and use one third of the energy of a condensing gas boiler (see diagram).  You will need a fan unit installed on the outside of your home, and space inside for a hot water tank.  If you’re interested in getting a heat pump, the installers you approach for quotes will help you to decide on the best place to fit the fan and the tank.

Climate Action Ilkley runs regular heat pump and solar panel open days so you can visit local homes with a heat pump, see what it looks like and ask questions to the owners.  Sign up to the Climate Action Ilkley newsletter here to find out about next dates, or better still, become a member here.

You can view our information leaflet on air source heat pumps.  

You can watch a video of a presentation given by a member of Climate Action Ilkley on her experience of changing from a gas boiler to an air source heat pump below.

For more detailed information, another of our members chaired a webinar about air source heat pumps with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

The Energy Saving Trust has information on air source heat pumps: