The Community Orchards were planted by Climate Action Ilkley volunteers in March 2020 on two sites:

They include local and heritage varieties of apple, pear and damson, many of which were sponsored by individuals, families and by Betty’s & Taylors.

The trees were staked and protected with custom-made metal guards. They have been looked after by volunteers who have watered in dry periods, pruned, mulched and removed the guards and stakes as the trees mature. Most of the trees survived and are thriving. 

In 2021 and 2022 there were additional plantings of nut trees, shrubs and bulbs and notice boards were installed with funding from the Bradford Council Climate Action Fund.

In November 2023, a third community orchard was planted by Ilkley Fire Station, with the support of our volunteers and advice from the Northern Fruit Group.

We continue to have periodic [very] family friendly work-party days 2-3 times per year to repair, maintain and plant across all three orchards and we welcome new volunteers. We would also like to arrange occasional social events like wassailing or to blossom celebrations, if you are interested.

Contact [email protected].